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How To Make A Magic Circle

How To Make A Magic Circle

Learn how to crochet the magic circle, also known as the magic ring, by following these handy steps from Hopeful Honey.

The magic circle is the easy and fabulous technique used when starting projects in the round. The magic circle refers to the ring at the centre of the project, from which you can begin to crochet outwards crafting mesmerizing designs for your home and craft projects.

Step by step

  1. Take the loose end of yarn and place it over your fingers making sure it is at the top of your hand, so your palm is facing you.
  2. Take your working end of yarn and wrap it around your index finger and your middle finger. Wrap around the front of your fingers so the yarn makes an X design.
  3. Take the same working strand and wrap it around behind your fingers pinch it in between your ring finger and pinky finger.
  4. Turn your hand so your palm is facing away from you. There will be two loops.
  5. Take your crochet hook and insert through your first loop then hook around the second loop. As you pull it out underneath that first loop twist it in your direction so there is one loop on your hook.
  6. Next yarn over with your working strand of yarn and pull it through that loop on your hook.
  7. Now gently take that circle off your fingers. You have just created your magic circle!
  8. So now you’ll need to chain your desired length for the stitches you’ll be working with. In this example we’ll be chaining two as we’ll be using double crochet. Now crochet eleven double crochets into your magic circle.
  9. When you have completed the desired amount of crochet stitches take the loose end of your yarn and pull it as tight as you can synching in that circle.
  10. To join the two ends together slip stitch your first stitch.

For step-by-step instructions with pictures go to the link below.

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